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Systems Engineering Course now available.

July 21, 2021

I am very grateful to an old colleague for suggesting I bid a Systems Engineering Course and at Elbow Support for a large OEM in support of their Zero Emissions Journey. 

Disappointingly the consortium I brought together were not able to win the work.

However,  We have since provided this course to two distinctly different organisations.  Firstly Carnot Engines whom I advise were very pleased with the tailored time we spent with them and are preparing the follow up plans.  Secondly a great...

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# Thanks

July 2, 2021

I have just received a call from a Client.  The call was to say thank you for the help I had provided, and that the result was very positive because of my help.  Really made my day today.  Roll on the weekend.

Looks like I have a couple of clients requesting work in the near future also.  I will be drafting a proposal for a cycle company with the help of some of my contacts

HISM appointment

May 6, 2021

During April I have been discussing becoming the Head of Independent Monitoring for Vertical Aerospace.  This will be a part time employee appointment.  So excited to have become part of the team.

Testing Testing

March 5, 2021

Amazing experience learning and then conducting this Covid lateral flow testing.  I have been so impressed with the children.  

Started a new conversation with a Trike manufacturer.  Really excited to have the opportunity to contribute there!


Time flies even in lockdown

February 28, 2021

While lockdown continues to blight the UK it has not prevented me from working with clients and being approached by others for new challenges.

I continue to support Vertical Aerospace as Head of Independent Systems Monitoring.  Their journey to achieving a Design Organisation Approval and their next flying prototype is just so interesting. 

On a separate angle I volunteered to help my girls school get going again with the new requirement to lateral flow test.  I have completed my training...

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