Non Executive director & technical Advisor, HISM

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  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned one or more college degrees
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Paul Cotton
Non-Executive Director, Head of ISM, Technical Advisory Board Member, Engineering Consultant, Advisor and Coach.
A focused and pragmatic NED & Technical Advisory Board Member. Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Demonstrated successes in a diverse range of disciplines across the full product life cycle. Energetic executer of continuous innovation in Engineering products, capability, processes and enterprise applications. Experienced in building and sustaining high value relationships . Creator of performing teams that deliver. Accomplished in mentoring and coaching for successful careers.


  1. Head of ISM, Director, NED & Technical Advisor, Quancho Limited, Quick Release, Vertical Aerospace, EGE Engineering Services, Airbus

    I have recently taken on the role of Head of Independent Systems Monitoring for Vertical Aerospace.

    Quancho Limited is here to help you.  Please share your problems?  

    Quick Release is a progressive professional product data management consultancy.  Reaction Engines are pioneering the next generation of hypersonic and space access propulsion.  Vertical Aerospace are a UK based Electric EVTOL company.  Airbus has some exciting projects on the go as always.  EGE Engineering Services are a small boutique company able to provide a diverse range of support.

    Quick release will be able to help you manage your data more efficiently and with more visibility, allowing more focused engineering time and quicker achievement of realising products.

    I have was a member of the Reaction Engines Technology Advisory Board and currently advise Vertical Aerospace.  It is a pleasure to be helping guide their journey.

    More recently I have started to Advise Carnot Engines, EGE Engineering Services and KMX Karts.

    In my time at Rolls-Royce, I gained many skills leading teams to manage problems across the full product lifecycle. I have advised on numerous career choices, with excellent outcomes.

    If you have an Engineering team, I'm sure you will have some problems, I can use my years of experience to help you solve them.

    If you are an individual and would like advice or coaching on a current problem or your career progression, I am eager to help you.

    Do please get in contact.  

    I can help you resolve problems efficiently and with certainty.

  2. Engineering Function Lead, Rolls-Royce plc

    Created and led the Engineering team to deliver a change programme for integrated enterprise business principles, processes and applications across multiple sectors.

    Described and successfully socialised the business benefit case.

    Themes: Requirements, Bills of Material, Parts & Attributes, Design Management & Collaboration, Service Data and Technical Publications.

  3. Chief Design Engineer, Rolls-Royce plc

    Led engine design for Civil Large Engines Future Programmes. Designed and launched the future.

    Led significant change in the Future Programmes multifunctional team, contributing to the overall organisational thinking and behaviours on early simultaneous integration.

    Championed improvements in systematic requirements capture, change control and structured verification.  Introduced the use of multidisciplinary optimisation tools for design space investigation, resulting in large time savings and new ways of working.

    Negotiated the technical specification for the Trent 7000 engine for use with the Airbus A330 NEO. Proud to have contributed to winning this product launch.

    Represented Rolls-Royce as a member of the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe and prepared the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda volumes one and two.

    I led the design team for the Trent 900 Engine Programme. Notably, I investigated and resolved the Qantas Airlines QF32 turbine disc burst.

    I integrated the design of a complex Enhanced Performance package to plan. 

    As CDE for Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems I led the prototype production system design. My team created the “stack block” rig which continues to test sub-scale fuel cell and system in the appropriate system environment. This rig has enabled accelerated R&D.

  4. Chief Engineer, Rolls-Royce plc

    I led the Engineering team for the Rolls-Royce party company activities as part of the International Aero Engines collaboration.

    My team transferred of the V2500 Engine Programme from the UK to Germany.

    Delivered the service management support to the fleet of approximately 4000 engines.

    I delivered the on time certification of the “Select” technology insertion upgrade that achieved specification.  A 1% improvement in fuel consumption and 20% increased life for the agreed budget of circa $40 Million.

NED & Advisory Boards

Open to new opportunities

Advisory Services offered

  • Non-Executive Director
    Strategy, Compliance, people
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Mentoring & Coaching
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  • Degree
    Bachelors Aeronautical Engineering - Bath University

Professional Recognition

  • Chartered Engineer and Fellow
    Royal Aeronautical Society


  • People
    People are fascinating.  There is always so much to be gained from talking through something.
  • Technology

My Results

  • Many
    appreciate my coaching Style & enjoy the results
  • £M's
    saved for my clients
  • Saved
    TiMe, Effort & Stress


  • Strategy, Company, Products
  • Engineering leadership
  • Coaching
  • Problem solving
  • programme management
  • Process mapping
  • public speaking

What People Say

Jailin Wang - Manufacturing Engineer
Paul is a great Coach and we have regular sessions together. I really like the way Paul think about problems, and feel very impressed by his leadership style. Paul gave me lots of practical guidance to overcome challenges, best ways to prioritise tasks in my work and how to speak with stakeholders from different background to implement working plan more efficiently. When I found my own interest in project management, Paul also gave me practical advice on how to spend my time to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience in this field, and what kind of useful resource could be approached both internally and externally. Paul also has massive experience regarding CV modification, interview recruitment, and great networking in different fields. If you are seeking coaching regarding job seeking, career progression, presentation skills and UK life experience, Paul is the one to be your best coach!
Gabriel Gonzalez - Technical Assistant to the Chief Technology Officer
Thank you very much! I really appreciate your guidance and pearls of wisdom all these years. Undoubtedly, you played an important role in me getting here
Bjorn Herrmann - Chief Service Engineer
Paul, It has been a pleasure working with you where I learned a lot.
Sumeet Shah - Project Manager
Hi Paul. Thank you for all the advice, support and encouragement you've given me over the years. Here's hoping to cross paths again in future! Wishing you the very best for the future. Sumeet
Daniel Garnon - Head of Export control
All the very best for your next adventures Paul. Really enjoyed working with you and I learned a lot from you.
Saima Anwar - Programme Manager
Thank you for all your support during my time working for the Trent 900 Team
Luciano Pischedda - Aerospace Engineer
All the best Paul, thank you for all the coaching and the growth opportunities that you offered me when I was working for you, I have learnt so much from those days.
Steven Bowen - Engineering Manager
Congratulations Paul, first boss when I arrived and one of the best! I’ll always remember those early meetings with Aircelle and the valuable and unique negotiating skills. So many other lessons and memories too you’ve left me and so many people. All the best. Steve
Folayo Osekita - Project & Programme Manager
Paul, thank you for the coaching and advice when I was working for you during my first year off the graduate scheme. Folayo
Sam Yeoman - Graduate Design Engineer
You gave me some solid advice a couple of years back that has influenced a lot of decisions since!

Olivier Lacombe - Airbus Safety Manager
I really appreciate having you on the project bringing your experience to the fresh and smart guys and providing good views to support us in steering in the best direction, always with a smile. I am looking forward to seeing you back in Toulouse on this project.  All the best.


Eric Escrich - Airbus Manager
"Many thanks Paul, a big honor on my side to have shared this time so far with you. Unless there is a big change of assumptions not yet known in front of us, and provided you are still interested, I count on you for the after pause break. Let's keep in touch and see you soon.Airbus Leader"
Graeme Plenderleith - Bluebear
Through the journey of moving on from Rolls-Royce to pastures new, you’ve helped me immensely. Indeed I would describe you as one of the chief catalysts that has enabled me to move on from Rolls-Royce to Blue Bear Systems through encouragement, support and proof reading my CV.
Some of the Reaction Engines outcome


  • Chartership
  • RAeS Fellowship 2005
    RAeS Fellowship 2005
  • So proud to be advising Quick Release & EGE Engineering Services
    So proud to be advising Quick Release & EGE Engineering Services

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Work life balance has been pivoting toward Paragliding.  Here is a picture from my remote landing some few kilometers from the take off hill at the end of the Stanage escarpment.  What is there not to like about the big outdoors, particularly is you are going to fly over it at a few thousand feet.

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