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Coaching session

October 3, 2018

Link to right management website This morning I traveled to East Midlands Airport to spend time with Sarah Keogh.  We enjoyed our fruitful hour.

Thank you Sarah, its good to talk things through.


Accountant engaged

October 3, 2018

Another relaxed and informative conversation with Stan.  My business now has the all important accountant need satisfied.

More excellent advice delivered from a patient man.

Thank you Stan, much appreciated


October 10, 2018

I have been looking back over my Linkedin ( messages and they remind me what a successful mentor I have been.  I have been fortunate to have mentored some really outstanding people who are now blossoming and making their mark.

I am going to collage the comments and put up on the website.

If anyone out there wants to get some of my time, drop me a note on the contact form.

Best regards Paul 




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Parts and BoM's

October 10, 2018

Today I spent some time on the phone to an old colleague of mine.  Ian Quest and I talked about Bills of Material and how the data is managed and where value can be assigned to managing this data in the most useful ways for companies.

It struck me that so many companies have BoM issues and they are all very similar whether they use XL (still) or one of the big players such as Dasault or Siemens.

If you have a BoM problem then you probably should get in touch.

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