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2 posts published in June 2019

Contributing further afield

June 5, 2019

Having just spent a pleasant hour over WhatsApp being interviewed for a paper in the "Board Best Practice® series Advisory Boards" I thought I would share a thought or two.

Contributing through coaching is quite special.  You build a relationship, understand the person, explore new thinking and you always get something back.

Contributing further afield to documents that might be read by hundreds or if lucky thousands is an odd feeling.  Who will these people be?  Will any of them get in...

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Paris Airshow

June 20, 2019

A flying visit to the Paris Airshow.  Meeting up with a previous employee who has blossomed and looked to be doing well and enjoying himself with his new smaller employee.  Great to see Satish in such good spirits.

Spending time in the Cap Gemini chalet discussing future possibilities and being treated to a view of their Block Chain future.  Very appealing for anyone who has a difficult service task to manage.

Advising some very curious investors who clearly had certain things on their...

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