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Testing Testing

March 5, 2021

Amazing experience learning and then conducting this Covid lateral flow testing.  I have been so impressed with the children.  

Started a new conversation with a Trike manufacturer.  Really excited to have the opportunity to contribute there!


Time flies even in lockdown

February 28, 2021

While lockdown continues to blight the UK it has not prevented me from working with clients and being approached by others for new challenges.

I continue to support Vertical Aerospace as Head of Independent Systems Monitoring.  Their journey to achieving a Design Organisation Approval and their next flying prototype is just so interesting. 

On a separate angle I volunteered to help my girls school get going again with the new requirement to lateral flow test.  I have completed my training...

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Happy New Year

January 7, 2021

One can not ask for more than satisfied customers.  Thank you Carnot, it is my pleasure.

"Hi Paul,

I hope you had a very very very good Christmas break

Its been a pleasure having you on our journey so far and we’d like to renew our working relationship with you on an ongoing basis. Please find attached a new consulting agreement.

Kind regards,

Nadiur Rahman
Director | Carnot Ltd"

How good is that?

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Quancho customer base is growing

December 3, 2020

I am delighted to have taken on a second NED position.  I was approached by a small Engineering firm who are starting out on their journey.  They have such vibrancy and a very interesting business construct.  I couldn't say no.

Quancho Limited is growing!  Well not quite.  I have been asked by a client to help gather together a series of experts to help on a project.  We are building a new business construct to achieve this.  Baby steps to something bigger perhaps?

Work with Vertical...

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Observing green shoots

November 2, 2020

I am observing that these difficult times are posing differing levels of challenge to start ups.  Although it is harder to engage supply chains etc, I see they are not encumbered by trying to decide how many of their employees they need to furlough or worse.  They have no need to re-organise and re-arrange themselves.  They are not staring at a balance sheet that is uncertain from reduced sales.

There are undoubtedly problems to be solved, but that was the start up life before Covid and I...

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