Being too busy to post is quite a testament to the needs that businesses have out there.  

This year has taken me all over Europe and I am gratified that the clients I have worked for have taken benefit from me helping to solve their problems.

My visits to various diverse companies with Quick Release repeatedly identify the same and similar problems.  These show Product Data Management tools alone are not the solution.  I find Quick Release solves them in a very refreshing manner, paying particular attention to the people. Their customer feedback is most excellent.

The variety is very motivating.  

  • Strategising and finding patent space in EVTOL
  • Some work on a Future Production System in a world leading OEM
  • launching a Masters project with Nottingham University to create a CFD model of Heage Windmill.  

I would not have ever predicted it.

I really appreciate the opportunity to make a difference and to work with some great folks.  Thank you for the continued requests.  I am very much looking forward to 2020.