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Blue Condor has flown

June 18, 2024

It has been a great pleasure to be one of the few participants in the Airbus UpNext project named Blue Condor.  This is an experimental glider designed to cruise at altitude with an GH2 fueled gas turbine to enable contrail experiments.

Quancho and associates helped build the safety case using a novel approach and the data Airbus was able to collect through their V&V programme.



June 18, 2024

So why so little for so long.  Two simple reasons.  One can't talk about a lot of what one's clients until things go public and there is a distraction in my life.

Work life balance has been pivoting toward Paragliding.  Here is a picture from my remote landing some few kilometers from the take off hill at the end of the Stanage escarpment.  What is there not to like about the big outdoors, particularly is you are going to fly over it at a few thousand feet.

I was retrieved by a nice young...

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